D: It's Over! - MACROCK
Monday, April 9, 2012

D: It’s Over!

Macrock XV is over and I am just the saddest little puppy you’ve ever seen. Well that’s not entirely true. Everyone on committee is exhausted (minus Vincent, who is apparently superhuman), so we’re all a little glad to get some much needed R&R.

But we’re saaaaad because it was so gooood and now it’s goooone! Seriously guys, we had such a good time! We’re so glad that all of you freaks flocked to sweet little Downtown Harrisonburg for two days of music-fueled fun.

A huge, huge, gigantic and sincere thank you to all of our venues, the panelists, everyone who participated in the label expo, our volunteers, and especially the bands. Every band who played this year deserved it, and we hope you guys walked away with some well-earned exposure.

I’m gonna go back to sleep (for the fourth time today). I’ll be dreaming of Macrock XVI and all of your ugly faces!


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